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The Muster Point Project Shares Collaborative Record ‘I Did What I Did’

Penned by The Muster Point Project – headed by Canadian multi-intrumentalist Kevin Franco, ‘I Did What I Did’ is a wholesome and electrifying rock-pop offering, delivering friendly and playful vibes with charisma and attitude. A collaboration with celebrated novelist Geoff Moore, the record is the perfect marriage between lyrics and music; even if different people have managed those two components, the final result still feels surprisingly solid and unique, showcasing the artistic alchemy shared by all parties involved. 

“One of those popular sayings, seemingly trite, but true. If my family had a coat of arms, that could be our motto; okay, now deal with it, carry on. I then listed all the old saws I could think of and tried to assemble them into a coherent order for Kevin to sing” – Geoof Moore explains. 

The Muster Point Project wrote the music around those very same lyrics, as Franco declares: “I let the lyrics instruct the sounds and shape of the song, I saw the protagonist as a gregarious, rambunctious character and wanted the music to convey this electric personality that acts first and if need be, apologize later. It’s a fun song. Itʼs a rocker.” A record you should approach with hunger and curiosity. Don’t sleep on it! 

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