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Bloomfield Machine Shares New Album ‘Left To Our Own Devices’

‘Left To Our Own Devices’ is not just an album. It is a rewarding sonic and sensory experience, a jump into the unknown, and a source of escapism. A fully instrumental album, the record explores compositions based on synthetisers, echoing the likes of Jean Michael Jarre and Vangelis in the process. It is nostalgic and retro material? Partly. Next to classic electronic tropes, we find more modern saturation and a certain new wave energy. References are wide and eclectic, taking ‘Left To Our Own Devices’ to higher territories. 

Such enlightened musical work comes to us courtesy of Bloomfield Machine (aka Brian Kassan, a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, and songwriter). Hailing from the US, the talented producer and visionary champions a rather organic artistry, using digital and analogue tools in order to reach the desired sound. It does remind us of Boards of Canada at times – as we previously declared, there are tons of influences in the record. 

Delving into the inspiration behind ‘Left To Our Own Devices’, Bloomfield Machine explains: “I like to explore new frontiers of composition and sound creation using hypnotic grooves, strong melodies, and short pieces that seem to reflect the nature of our advancing technology. ‘Left to our own devices’ is hopefully a way to make sense of the fast-changing world we live in.”

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