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The Midnight River Crew Team Up with Isabella Coulstock on New EP

It’s all about simplicity; The Midnight River Crew’ know it well, having just released an easily digestible and authentic EP, a short yet meaningful record performed by Mark Johnsons – TMRC’s head honcho – and Isabella Coulstock, rising British songstress with a strong foothold in the industry. 

Together, the pair delivers acoustic gems with a certain retro energy in them; inspired by folk and pop, ‘N8- The MRC At KonK Studios’ wraps the listeners in an accessible and friendly lyrical aura, exploring tales of humanity and fragility while delving into personal experience. Acoustic guitars, piano and Coulstock and Johnson’s collective vocals create a satisfying sonic texture, one that never tires the ear, quite soothing. 

Would be rude not to mention KonK Studios, a place that’s owned by Ray Davies from The Kinks! Its legendary status might have empowered TMRC and Isabella to offer their best musical qualities, and judging by what we hear, that’s probably how it went down. 

Discover ‘N8- The MRC At KonK Studios’ on Bandcamp:


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