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The Anomaly Share Rebellious Record ‘Get Me Out Of Here’

A fierce and rebellious record, ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ resembles an impetuous flow of water, scrambling everything in its course and welcoming obstacles (listeners, in this case) with chaos and charisma. That’s how the record sounds like, a relentless and unwavering stream of vintage-flavoured punk-rock, here declined to best suit The Anomaly’s artistic identity. The track hits us in the face from the get-go, delivering gritty and fuzzy riffs together with a groovy, simple drum part. 

The Anomaly’s lead vocals are unpretentious, easily digestible, and most importantly, honest. Delving into the importance of following one’s passion, the song laments being stuck into a dead-end job – something that the talented creative behind the project is himself guilty of. 

Perhaps, ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ is his way of warning others, a stark reminder of being bold in life, pursuing what eventually will make you happy. As The Anomaly explains: “It’s about how there’s only so long you can toe the line and stay in a line of work you have no passion for. It’s an expression of my frustration at my own circumstances but at the same time, it’s supposed to inspire people to follow their dreams. Quit your job and follow your passion.”

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