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Miles East Gears Up for Upcoming Album with ‘Lucky To Be Here Tonight’

A fantastic record. Not too pretentious, rooted in tradition, honest and authentic. A slice of musical lightness encased into soft-rock stylings and vintage pop tones, ‘Lucky To Be Here Tonight’ will surprise you positively, especially thanks to the friendly, relatable lyricism delivered with charisma and veiled nostalgia by Miles East. The New York-based creative has been gearing up for an upcoming album, slowly dropping a series of singles as a mightily impressive teaser. 

It certainly works: ‘Lucky To Be Here Tonight’ reveals an enchanting sonic picture, made up of clean guitar tones and fuzzy riffs, accompanied by gentle drums and the evocative and caressing vocals by Miles East. His tone is pretty special, very present yet poised and elegant, engaging in sweet, honey-like melodies and understated positivity. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, East explains: “‘Lucky to Be Here Tonight’ honours the places and people in our lives who, in defiance of circumstance, still make it a blessing to live in a world seemingly falling down around us.” A fitting entrée for ‘Between Lightning and Thunder’, the album, expected on June 7th. 

Discover ‘Lucky To Be Here Tonight’ on Spotify: 


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