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The Margaret Hooligans Take a Hard Look at Inequality in ‘Driver!’

There’s always been a prominent rebellious flair in The Margaret Hooligans’ artistic output. Looking at our current reality critically, the American duo reflects on the cynical nature of American society, especially regarding its close ties with capitalism and widespread inequality. They are all hard-hitting, soul-shaking themes which greatly resonate with the group’s sonic imprint, built on sleazy and raw distortions, old-school garage and punk stylings, plus a heavy predisposition for noisy tones. 

It has all worked flawlessly so far, with The Margaret Hooligans able to provide a gigantic catalogue of like-minded musical material – now about to become even wider thanks to their upcoming album ‘ThunderHole Rock’n’Roll’. In the meantime, they have just unveiled ‘Driver!’ a fierce and powerful single that greatly showcases everything we mentioned above – this project is glowing!

Using creatively an electric tenor guitar, the track transforms into a flashy and electrifying slice of lo-fi rock stylings, all drenched in unwavering distortions and galloping, almost chaotic drum grooves. Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, The Margaret Hooligans explain: “A damning look at the monstrous prison industrial complex in America that has been fueled by capitalism, racial injustice, and increasing wealth disparity”.

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