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Ironic Sweden Share Retro Gem ‘Lost Eden’

They are called Ironic Sweden for a reason! Formed by three very talented musicians and songwriters, the Swedish trio channels a luscious retro livery that bathes in 90s synthwave references, a playful yet hypnotising approach that perfectly counterbalances the group’s vibrant and poignant lyricism. 

‘Lost Eden’ is the biggest evidence of that: a raw, dark offering on the surface, Ironic Sweden’s latest single contains a wider, inspiring message, which perhaps in such a nuanced setting assumes a rather melancholic meaning. One thing is certain: the trio crafts a truly immersive sonic gem, empowering the Melville Brothers’ slightly industrial, noisy productions with brighter vocals and enchanting male-female harmonies. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Ironic Sweden explain: “We all want to find that true big love. Sometimes we think we found it, and then all of a sudden it’s gone. It’s only then we understand the importance of the unconditional love we all long for”. A modern and relevant theme which we are confident will relate to a large audience out there. 

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