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Luh Kai Shares Sharp Drill Anthem ‘No Cuffin’

We are aware that ‘No Cuffin’ is not for everyone; a rather obscure, gloomy track, it features tumultuous, fierce and poetic lyricism, a perfect match for such a punchy and monumental beat. Built on classic Gangsta rap stylings, the record sees Luh Kai embarking on an empowering, self-reliant journey towards reaching his own goals. 

When looked through such a powerful lyrical lens, the single assumes anthemic qualities, providing two minutes and a half of musical sharpness and bold, cutthroat hip-hop flow. The result is a record that’s hard to resist, especially for all Drill fans out there. Penned by Atlanta-based explorer Luh Kai, ‘No Cuffin’ merges modernity with tradition, eventually developing a space of its own packed with confidence and charisma. 

Only seventeen years old, Kai obviously possesses a huge amount of talent. Where can he get to? That is a question only time will be able to answer. We’ll be on the lookout! Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Luh explains: “This song is about coming into yourself and grinding”.

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