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The Margaret Hooligans Share ‘Our Museum of Failure’

One of the most productive acts we have ever come across, The Margaret Hooligans really embody the definition of ‘creative’. After three albums, they have not run out of ideas yet. On the contrary, they seem to be getting better and better, expanding their stylings release after release. Now, the American duo returns with ‘Our Museum of Failure’, a track that anticipates their fourth album to date, ‘ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll’. For reference, it wasn’t long ago when their third album – ‘Saturday Night in Bartertown’ – was released. 

‘Our Museum of Failure’ shuffles the sonic picture a fair bit, delving into punchy and charming lo-fi territories. The mix feels lighter, with a definite focus on bright and gritty frequencies. Perhaps resembling the old-school punk days, the record mirrors an attitude that’s raw, intense, exciting and lively, making for a listening experience that takes us back to the ‘underground’ days. Wonderful.

Lyrically, the single touches on a crucial theme, especially these days – perhaps clashing with the more sleazy and rebellious sonic environment. As The Margaret Hooligans explain: “A hymn to lost little boys, trying to navigate what it means to be a man in an age where we are trying to dismantle the patriarchy. It asks why we obsess over heroes from the past that don’t represent the men we want in our future. In this new frontier of gender fluidity, how do boys define what kind of men they want to grow up to be?”

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