FICMARO Throws It Back with Charming Gem ‘Now So Am I’

There’s something that needs to be understood about FICMARO. He doesn’t belong to a single genre, rather, he pursues a highly personal artistic direction, pasting together fragments from different references in order to build a compelling and authentic offering. A proficient producer and musician, FICMARO delves primarily into electronic music, championing a variety of influences, from classic house to Italo disco, passing through trance and cerebral techno. Everything plays an important role in shaping the project’s quirky music. 

Now, the Canadian creative – based between Montreal and Miami – shares his latest EP, aptly named ‘EP2’. In it, the listeners are bound to take a compelling sonic journey, familiarising themselves with a myriad of retroelements and contemporary mixing techniques. In particular, ‘Now So Am I’ has been chosen as a lead single from the record. 

A synthwave triumph, ‘Now So Am I’ blinks an eye to the 80s and 90s, seasoning everything with a pinch of vocal glitches. Speaking about ‘EP2’, FICMARO explains: “This release delves into themes of futurism, machinery, and pop culture, weaving them into a captivating sonic narrative.”

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