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Hyyypnos Returns with 812Dummi Collab ‘tattoo’

We discovered Hyyypnos only last year, captured by the mesmerising nature of ‘QUESTIONS’, an EP that wonderfully showcased the kaleidoscopic and dazzling nature of the project. Built on dynamic lo-fi hip-hop and hyperpop elements, the American producer’s sonic imprint is one of the most evocative and authentic we have ever heard. In an industry where people tend to conform to what trends are, Hyyypnos does exactly the opposite, innovating and exploring fresh musical territories. 

‘Tattoo’ is his latest effort: following the very same recipe that got him here, the Evansville creative teams up with 812Dummi once again, delivering a slice of luscious euphoria and sleazy, chill vibes. It’s all packaged in Hyyypnos’ special sauce, including futuristic soundscapes and liquid beats. 

Delving into the lyricism behind the record, he explains: “Did you really get a tattoo? This song takes inspiration from a long-distance romantic situation I found himself in with a girl.”

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