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THE LOUD BANGS Say Farewell to 2022 with Shoegaze Masterpiece ‘Salvation Memorial Hospital’

What a year they had! With six EPs and several singles under their belt, we can confidently say THE LOUD BANGS have been one of the most productive bands around. The Californian shoegaze outfit has been showcasing its ability to write transcending and hypnotizing material, while keeping true to its rock origins. We actually had the pleasure of reviewing ‘Highway Safety Films’ back in summer, proudly described by us as: “Mind you, this is not for everyone, but rather for the connoisseur, for the Shoegaze peeps, the one replaying Cocteau Twins and indulging in the occasional M83.”

Now, the Los Angeles residents close the year off just like they started it: by expressing themselves through music. This time around we get ‘Salvation Memorial Hospital’ EP, a 5-track record that further deepens the band’s artistic reach. After all, they didn’t earn the nickname the ‘PINK FLOYD of Shoegaze’ casually; their music conveys emotion without relying on lyrics, instead using sparse ornaments and song titles to draw the listener into their world.

Comprised by Alice Street on lead guitar, Daisy Gutierrez on rhythm guitar, Hannah Remley on bass and Marcus Nemuro on drums, THE LOUD BANGS welcome 2023 with pride and power, knowing full well the future is just going to be bigger and brighter. Guess what, we’ll be here supporting. 

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