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Eclectic Sonic Explorer Ruiz! Closes The Year in Style with Poignant Anthem ‘The Human Touch’

We have been following Ruiz! For a while, as the keen reader will remember. The moniker of Sheffield-based DIY multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and vocalist Hugh Ruiz Robert, the project has been championing introspective and eclectic material drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as 60’s rock’n’roll, electronica, punk, pop, psychedelia and dark rock. Featuring her past single ‘Falling’, we proudly declared “Falling’ is energetic, polyphonic, and reminiscent of prominent 80s artists like Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell. Texturally complex with multiple synth melodies happening at once, Ruiz! manages to showcase the main tune through repetition, even in the bass line so that the listener can experience it from another perspective.”

That’s an indication of the refined and nuanced nature of Ruiz’s music. In essence, he uses sonic frequencies and relatable lyrical content as a poignant vehicle for personal expression, managing the hard endeavour of transforming emotions into art. 

‘The Human Touch’ represents Ruiz!’s latest single, closing off what can be considered a rather productive year. In it, the listener will discover a nostalgic and emotional tune, treated to light dark and gloomy tones. Channelling indie rock and pop references, the Sheffield resident explores the complexity of social interactions in a society that’s increasingly polarised. As he describes: “It’s a song I wrote whilst in bed trying to get over Long Covid earlier this year. It’s about how as a race we seem to have lost the love and respect we once had for fellow humans, the ability to get on together and live in a society where we help each other out, instead of distancing and finding obstacles to avoid harmony.”

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