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THE HYBRIS Deliver Powerful Sophomore Album ‘Cozy Resistance’

If you’ve been keeping up with us lately, you should be well acquainted with the alternative rock act THE HYBRIS. An international band featuring three superheroes; Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison, and Malcolm Mandrill, THE HYBRIS have entertained us with their gritty and high-energy sound for over a year. We were even fortunate enough to interview them recently as they geared up for the release of their sophomore album, and today I am proud to introduce you to ‘Cozy Resistance’. 

A collection of eleven tunes, some old and some new, ‘Cozy Resistance’ is the epitome of who THE HYBRIS are. It embodies their true identity and represents the very essence of the band. We kick off with ‘Celebrate The Good Times’, a potent post-punk track with galloping basslines and overdrive-soaked guitars. Just perfect! 

‘Goodbye Jerks, Heading to Earth 2’ is the record’s second song and a brand new one too! It’s vibrant, full of life, and deeply infectious. There’s something so sonically pleasing about the unique sound THE HYBRIS have concocted, and it just feels as if I’ll never tire of it.

Four more new tunes and five classics make up the remainder of the album, and I don’t want to give too much away or spoil your first listening experience of the record. All I’ll say is that we absolutely adore THE HYBRIS and everything they leave their mark on!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Cozy Resistance’ on Spotify now:


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