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Amaya and the Echoes get Dark and Glitchy on New Single ‘Ghost Eyes’

Around two months ago, I came across an avant-garde and hypnotising electro-pop tune called ‘Circuit Veins‘. Courtesy of London-based dark-pop act Amaya and the Echoes, it wasn’t long before I was completely wrapped up and in love with the band’s original and hard-hitting sound. Today, I would like to introduce you to ‘Ghost Eyes’, the act’s cinematic, dark, and distorted new single. Serving as the final track from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Echoes Within’, ‘Ghost Eyes’ focuses on the unsettling truth of living under perpetual mass surveillance, and the idea of democracy being nothing but an illusion.

Sonically, we bear witness to another sensational vocal performance from Amaya. Delicate and ethereal to begin with, powerful and commanding to finish, her range and control undeniably set her apart from most. The glitchy and distorted nature of the song is unlike anything I’ve heard before, yet it works an absolute treat! Further enhancing Amaya and the Echoes’ authentic, imaginative, and innovative approach to music, ‘Ghost Eyes’ solidifies the band’s trailblazing status.

It’s a special feeling when you discover an act or an artist and profoundly resonate with their art straight away. This unquestionably applies to the highly gifted outfit, and we cannot wait to hear more from them!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Ghost Eyes’ on Spotify now:


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