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The Finch Cycle Unveils Post-Rock Extravaganza ‘Mt. Pilot’

Noise and distortion: that’s how ‘Mt. Pilot’ introduces itself. Soon after, the album reveals its true identity: an unwavering stream of melancholic shoegaze and post-rock matter, delivered through mellow drum grooves and hard-hitting, fuzzy guitar tones, pretty noisy and chaotic. Opener ‘Sarah Tone In’ also reveals a hidden horn section, supercharging the impact the song will have on the unsuspecting listener. 

‘James Squared’ reveals a slightly more upbeat outlook, although conserving the same gloomy, euphoric character common to the whole record. ‘Parents and Friends’ shifts the sonic picture in favour of a cleaner and lighter sound – but don’t get too used to it! Before you know it, ‘Mt. Pilot’ is back on its bull**it. Like it should be. 

Penned by Australian outfit The Finch Cycle, the project is spearheaded by rocker and composer Bradley Murray. Such an obscure album is perfectly at home in his highly creative and alternative mind, perhaps also influenced by the regional landscape he’s operating in. A spacious, timeless album, just like Australia itself. 

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