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Angerland Gear Up for Upcoming Album with ‘Neon Dead’

A gloomy, hard-hitting and ferocious piece, ‘Neon Dead’ is a certified alternative anthem, a disarming and cryptic slice of truth delivered with charisma and fierceness by Angerland. Hailing from London, the group oscillates between hard-rock and trash territories, favouring noisy distortion and fast tempos with clear and loud vocals. 

It’s an alluring, melancholic formula, but also one that makes sure the band’s lyrical imprint reaches the listeners effectively, placing the attention on their cheeky songwriting style, often delving into uncomfortable, ‘red-pill’ topics. ‘Neon Dead’ follows the same script, being described by Angerland with an icy ‘one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic’.

Clocking in at just under five minutes, the single is a substantial release, one that showcases the potential behind the British outfit. For everyone keen to hear more, Angerland is recording their debut album as a five-piece, with the help of producer Tim Hamper. Expected for October. 

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