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Alena Shannon Shares Instrumental Bop ‘Deep’

Well, everyone in her local circle already knows how talented a singer Alena Shannon is. Now, we can confidently say she’s a great producer too! Her latest effort ‘Deep’ confirms it, being presented as a short yet intense and quirky journey into the young songstress’ creative mind. Built on hip-hop stylings with a strong bedroom pop flair, the track is playful and groovy, empowering itself in a rather minimal direction. 

Layered with mangled vocal samples and orchestral stabs, ‘Deep’ is bound to impress the listeners and provide a minute of sonic bliss, one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. More than the release itself though, the single is more functional towards understanding the talent carried so proudly by Shannon. It’s clear she’s destined to be making music – we hope to hear more from her in the future.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, she explains: “This was such a fun song to create! As long as you keep believing, you can achieve your dream and you will succeed”. Keep your eyes peeled for Alena’s upcoming album 👀

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