The Croaks Release Flamboyant and Hypnotising Album ‘Croakus Pokus’

We could spend a lot of words describing The Croaks, but truthfully, they need to be experienced. Championing a highly flamboyant and eclectic sound, the Boston-based outfit has been building momentum since 2020, especially thanks to a series of incredible live shows where the group’s ethos and fragrant personalities really come alive. Naturally, a debut album was on the cards: ‘Croakus Pokus’ is The Croaks’ artistic manifesto, a record we are confident will work wonders in helping them reach a wider audience. 

In it, the listener will be confronted with a mesmerising blend of folk and post-rock goodness, all arranged in a quirky and authentic way. If anything, the American talents are one of the most original bands we have heard this year. Contrasting rebellious and fuzzy guitars with traditional fiddles and acoustic vibes, ‘Croakus Pokus’ is bound to steal everyone’s attention from the first note, keeping the pace up with frequent hooks and drum rolls. 

Headed by Haley Wood and Anna Reidister, the project also flourishes on their evocative and luscious vocals, perfectly fitting the nostalgic and melancholic aura of the whole record. 

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