Sara Sanguinetti Releases Majestic EP ‘Inner Blessing’

Delving into ‘Inner Blessing’ revealed a rather surprising sonic picture. You see, this is not just a rock record. Blending spacious, shoegaze-y vocals with a lo-fi alt-rock production, the end result is material that feels enlightening, almost ethereal. We like it! From the rebellious and melancholic bays of ‘What We’ve Become’ to the gritty and euphoric ‘Chasing The Sun’, we cannot help but imagine a universe where this record exists in the late 80’s, perhaps as a new wave phenomenon. 

Instead, ‘Inner Blessing’ is penned by Sara Sanguinetti, alt-rock wizard with a knack for luscious, evocative melodies and relatable songwriting. Having debuted only last year with ‘Criminal World’, the international artist seems on her way to making big things happen, and based on what we just heard in her EP, we are confident of that. 

‘Getting High’ guides ‘Inner Blessing’ towards a natural conclusion. It does so with the same energy and enthralling guitar tones that it got us used to. It’s a triumph, really. ‘The Turning (she’s back)’ closes what’s a compelling record with a more laidback approach, really focusing on Sanguinetti’s vocal prowess.

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