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Discover No Reply’s Reggae Banger ‘Departure Lounge’

Coming across ‘Departure Lounge’ made us realise how lately we haven’t been featuring a lot of Reggae bands, for whatever reason. Perhaps the genre today is not as iconic as it was back in the 90s and early ‘2000s, leading to less genre-specific records being produced. In any case, ‘Departure Lounge’ reminded us of the sense of freedom and uplifting energy that one can get when faced with mid-tempo reggae stylings and a charming horns section. 

Penned by New Zealand outfit No Reply, ‘Departure Lounge’ is everything we could have asked for. For starters, it’s incredibly modern, built on contemporary beats and sonic choices. This allows the record to fit into the musical landscape instantly, taking the track with a wider audience. Then, it also follows tradition, especially in the evocative and charming vocals, really delving into Reggae and Ska idioms. 

Speaking about the circumstances around the song, No Reply explains: “Departure Lounge was written in Wellington Airport shortly after the COVID Lockdowns lifted and domestic flights resumed. It sets the scene of a DJ playing a set to a seemingly oblivious crowd, which did not bother him at all – that DJ was in the zone, vibing to the music. The song encourages the listener to find an outlet that you are truly passionate about and connect with it fully, no matter if others vibe it or not.”

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