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The Chris Ruben Band Shares Energetic Single ‘MONEY’

Before we dive deep into ‘MONEY’, let us say this: it is certainly a catchy and memorable single, truly well written and arranged. The stab/main instrumental riff stuck in our minds for days, and that’s great news. Penned by American outfit The Chris Ruben Band, the single is yet another evidence of their musical prowess. Built on light and uplifting pop-rock stylings, it balances the instrumental and lyrical layers very well, making for a record that’s intense and meaningful. 

Perhaps playful too. Embarking on a witty exploration of relationships and wealth, the record wraps the listeners into fierce and positive vibes, and it won’t miss putting a smile on everyone’s faces. It did so on ours. We have to say, Chris Ruben is such a good vocalist: energetic and controlled, his delivery makes for a convincing track. The rest of the band is clearly very talented too. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘MONEY’, Ruben explains: “‘MONEY’ bangs hard and is definitely a song we can all sing along and relate to. Unless you’re loaded. Then it probably seems silly and beneath you in which case, we very well might be. Please hear our song and for the love of God, dance”.

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