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Dylon Maggio Shares Meaningful Anthem ‘Truth Hurts’

A fierce, punchy single, ‘Truth Hurts’ reveals an intense and energetic sonic picture, headed by the charming vocals of Nashville-based creative Dylon Maggio. Built on melancholic yet furious pop-punk stylings, the single manages to steal the listener’s attention thanks to its nuanced yet firm character. It is a wonderful piece of popular music, although the quality prize here goes to Maggio’s powerful tone and introspective delivery. 

On the surface, this is a rather straightforward single – packed with melancholic, passionate lyricism, ‘Truth Hurts’ delves into the dark reality of broken relationships. At a deeper look though, one can observe the true songwriting craft that went into making this song relatable and empowering. Perhaps Dylon’s extensive vocal training helps in making him sound as good as possible – mission accomplished! 

Known globally as a fashion model, Maggio is on his way to becoming a staple of Western pop. Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Truth Hurts’, he explains: “This song was inspired by an old relationship and sometimes the truth makes itself known after the fact, so having to process that truth once the smoke has cleared can be a tough pill to swallow”.

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