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The Blaze Velluto Collection Return with ‘Baby (You Set My Love on Fire Everyday)’

Quebec City-based band The Blaze Velluto Collection recently released the highly anticipated follow-up to their single ‘Feeler’ with the folky and soulful ‘Baby (You Set My Love on Fire Everyday). Serving as the second single from their upcoming album ‘What’s on Your Mind?’, it’s a tune that somehow feels modern and original yet nostalgic and classic at the same time. Penned by Blaze about his musical and life partner Little Miss Roy, who shares vocals on the track, it’s a vibrant and hypnotising song that crosses genres and styles and stands out from the crowd!

“We met twenty years ago in the month of May,” says Blaze. “We had our share of bad weather, but mostly sunshine. Infatuation is a phase, love is not. Here’s an introduction to our story”. Showcasing his wonderful storytelling ability, and a clear knack for concocting passionate and warm soundscapes, ‘Baby’ is a song that Blaze and Co. should feel immensely proud to have in their catalogue.

‘What’s on Your Mind?’ is scheduled for release at the end of September this year. In typical Blaze fashion, he brought together more than fifteen artists and friends to help produce the record. We’ve been told that the outcome was once again extremely fruitful, and we can’t wait to hear the final product!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Baby (You Set My Love on Fire Everyday)’ on Spotify now:


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