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Cold Equations Pay Homage to Marr with Memorable ‘Set the Boy Free’

Nashville-based outfit Cold Equations are another band that has seriously caught our ears this year! Comprised of singer/songwriter Drew Kohl, drummer Ryan Dishen, and bassist John O’Brien, the trio has just released another pretty special tune in the form of ‘Set the Boy Free’. Crafted in heartfelt homage to Drew’s favourite guitarist, the iconic Johnny Marr, it’s a song that could nestle cosily within the sonic fabric of The Smiths’ revered album ‘Meat Is Murder’. And yes, I wholeheartedly share the band’s adoration for the incomparable Johnny Marr and The Smiths! 

It’s an effortlessly cool and hook-filled little number, described by the act as “another song of summer”. Catapulting the listener into the utterly absorbing, rich, and intricate sonic landscape that is Cold Equation, its warm and inviting aura makes it a track that you’re unlikely to forget anytime soon!

Lyrically, ‘Set the Boy Free’ deals with a highly relatable subject – letting go of love. “It’s about needing to let go of someone or something you love,” says Drew. “Sometimes love can be selfish and we don’t think about the other person’s desires or goals”. I’ve had my heart stolen by this charming and blissful tune. As long as Cold Equations keep producing the goods, we’ll be with them all the way!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Set the Boy Free’ on Spotify now:


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