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TerraTara Releases Remastered Folk Gem ‘Empty Apartment’

Are you familiar with The Rainbow Family? Descendants of the hippie spirit of the 60s, the rainbow movement was (and still is) a group of people with a shared vision and goal: to create a more loving and accepting world. They understand the importance of self-care, self-love and acceptance in order to create a healthier, more balanced life, and the value of community and collective experiences. 

Why I am telling you this? Well, because TerraTara, wonderful singer-songwriter from BC, Canada, champions the very same aesthetic, declined into her precious and refined artistic output. We had already come across the project earlier this year, featuring her folk gem ‘A Love, Tantalize’. Intrigued by the track, we proudly declared: “The song seeps passion. The desperate longing so powerfully described in TerraTara’s lyrics is stunningly brought to life by a World Music-inspired melody featuring sonically cohesive mandolin strumming and complex percussion.”

Those poignant, intense qualities are still relevant. Perhaps, even more, thanks to TerraTara’s latest effort ‘Empty Apartment’. In it, we get a charming glimpse into the past of a brilliant and inspired woman – the track was in fact recorded in 1999 in Argenta, BC. It’s interesting because we get to hear TerraTara’s vocals in their prime years, and what a treat! Bluesy and folk tones interlace effortlessly into the sonic goodness the song represents. It also celebrates the dedication to art the Canadian songstress has to offer. 

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