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Tedworth Finds a Glimmer of Light in ‘Going Under’

(Trigger Warning up ahead) – We feel very humble about sharing Tedworth’s latest single, ‘Going Under’. The piece is of crucial and meaningful relevance, describing a truly challenging time in its author’s life. Emerging from Appleton, US, Tedworth always felt drawn to music, being willing to sacrifice everything for it. Somehow, along the way he got lost, doubting the very same reason he started his artistic endeavour in the first place. 

This story will resonate with many – as teenage dreams try to flourish into confirmed realities, often life gets in the way, making us lose in the complexity of our troubling existence. Nonetheless, Tedworth is now here sharing new music with us, and we are very happy and proud of it. ‘Going Under’ channels punk-rock influences to create fuzzy musical goodness, with the talented young American’s vocals crowning what’s already an irresistible gem. 

Lyrically, Tedworth recalls a time when he felt so lost and powerless to explore suicidal thoughts. ‘Going Under’ speaks to the very essence of the human experience, exploring themes of hopelessness, depression, and the struggle to find one’s place in the world. Yet, through the darkness, a glimmer of light seems to shine through: the songs become a resolution, potential salvation, a reminder of why he was pursuing art. Crucially, also a source of comfort and inspiration for anyone dealing with similar struggles.

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