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Mono Martian Shares Latest Effort ‘Wicked Ways’

The classic and inspiring story of a drummer-turned-singer, Mono Martian is the latest example of how music and creative expression are a universal need, rather than a conscious choice. Feeling the need for pure, unfiltered storytelling, the Norwegian talent started his own project a few years ago, steadily pursuing an eclectic outlook on his music. Ranging from indietronica explorations or intimate folk numbers, Mono Martian has always found the style that would better fit his lyricism. 

Now, he’s settled on mellow alt-rock, blending it with pop songwriting and relatable flow. ‘Wicked Ways’ is Mono Martian’s latest effort, a slow-paced gem focusing on the troubling power of Love, and the many ways in which it can drive us crazy. The arrangement is kept minimal on purpose: the Bergen native seeks to make his own vocals flourish and jump out of the track with solemnity and eagerness. 

Describing the inspiration behind the piece, Mono Martian explains: “Through this song, I try to capture the feeling of hopelessness that characterizes people in relationships that have become toxic. The feeling of trying to save something that cannot be saved, and the struggle of finally accepting it after all.”

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