Talented Producer Fleanger Returns with Deep-House Gem ‘Better’

Often, art comes at you in unexpected places. Take for instance ‘Better’, the latest effort by talented German producer Fleanger. According to him, the track was born during a train ride from Berlin to Potsdam, a majestic town known for its many palaces. After a few months without creating, Fleanger unexpectedly found inspiration during his trip, prompting him to create ‘Better’, a stunning and charming deep-house jewel. 

The energy so fiercely championed by the record is somewhat confusing: calming yet uplifting at the same time, ‘Better’ is first and foremost an introspective sonic journey, the kind of track that can push the listener in reflective territories. Pitched-down vocals help convey a sense of nostalgia, also aided by poignant piano melodies and the steady and groovy beat. Fleanger’s use of different sounds and samples adds depth and complexity to the track, making it a joy to listen to.

The listening experience is glorious: ‘Better’ takes us to peaceful places where we can relax and forget about our daily worries. If you are in the mood for some self-reflection or some alone time, this is the record that you were waiting for. Not to mention, it does also work on the dancefloor. 

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