Julian Tran Closes a Chapter with ‘FANTASY UNLIMITED: PART IV’

What is Julian Tran up to? Unveiling a series of releases called ‘FANTASY UNLIMITED’, the London creative shared four EPs, each containing two tracks. As explained by Julian, the aim is to explore the intersection between songwriting and soundscapes. A glorious goal, by a clearly talented artist. Sonically, the EPs deal with a plethora of sources, be it majestic orchestral arrangements or digital-powered ethereal goodness. The constant is always the same, though: an overall emotional contour, drenching the listener in nostalgia and poignancy.

‘FANTASY UNLIMITED: PART IV’ is the closing instalment of the series. In it, Tran seems to be moving towards a more vocal-heavy outlook, carefully shifting through electronic drones and soothing, gentle orchestral melodies. Featuring French violinist and singer Clara Barry on ‘Strange Times’, the record is an absolute jewel, one that we urge you to approach with the utmost respect and dedication. 

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