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Sand Box Returns with Eclectic Jewel ‘Free’

Smashing their debut year, Sand Box have proven themselves a rather productive outfit. With four singles released to date, the Los Angeles-based duo seems to be en route to fully affirming their artistries, manifested through an original and eclectic sonic formula. Made up of partners Kylie Hazzard and Cameron Black, the project now unveils ‘Free’, a single that plays to their strengths. 

You will – and might – remember them for their use of a saxophone, so well played by Black, blended with rock stylings and pop lyricism. That’s what the project is about. In general, they seem to not shy away from eclecticism, refusing commercial tropes and genre clichés in favour of a more organic and authentic formula. Collaborating together since 2019, Sand Box’s work doesn’t only focus on original tracks. In fact, the pair has been working on film scoring and session work, allowing them really refine their artistic alchemy. It is clearly working. 

‘Free’ feels more controversial and euphoric than the group’s previous releases. Perhaps is the provocative look at American culture implemented in its lyricism: together with the energetic and groovy instrumental, Sand Box manage once again to explore the unusual, looking deeper into the nuanced behavioural patterns of today’s society. 

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