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Sydney Miller Unveils Primal and Hypnotising Gem ‘Behind Closed Doors’

Sydney Miller is a welcomed discovery; not part of the industry’s commercial pop crew, she’s able to pursue an authentic and hypnotising style that frankly makes her one of the most exciting artists we have heard in a while. If keen to enter her eclectic and celebrative universe, we suggest starting with her latest single, ‘Behind Closed Doors’. 

There’s something inherently primal and transformative in the track; perhaps it’s the anthemic drum beat, built so sapiently using unconventional samples and quirky percussions. This intense, groovy framework provides the perfect accompaniment for Miller’s luscious vocals, often layered in a multitude of parts and harmonies, shifting the record towards bucolic and choral territories. A phenomenal single. 

Describing the writing process behind it, Miller explains: “No processing, just raw audio stacked on top of each other. It was before I really had confidence in production, which is why there is such a strong focus on the (very minimal) lyrics and vocals, and a lack of any structure that resembles typical pop format.”

Perhaps that’s why the song works so much: it still carries that ingenuity, that straight-to-the-point sonic that gets often lost as an artist moves forward. 

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