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Layal Shares Charming RnB Jewel ‘This State’

If we had to describe Layal in one word, we’d say ‘refreshing’. That’s exactly how her music feels, a breath of fresh air in an otherwise standardised industry landscape. It’s almost inspirational: the young Londoner pursues her own artistic research, standing out from the crowd with a charming RnB and neo-soul-flavoured style that feels light, yet evocative. Nuanced, yet very direct. 

‘This State’ is Layal’s latest effort, a spacious and hypnotising neo-soul gem with jazz elements and short bursts of trip-hop. Quite a compelling offering. Over a luscious, laidback beat, poignant piano chords and dub-style delays, Layal showcases her near-perfect vocals, intense yet controlled, capturing the listener’s attention for a life-changing and transformative three-minute-long slice of musical goodness. 

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