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SWiiMS Unveils Debut Album ‘Into The Blue Night’

We wrote about ‘All I Die For;’ not long ago, calling it a ‘shoegaze masterpiece’. We stand by our words: the Canadian band is able to deliver slices of blissful dreaminess, packaged in an immersively intense yet elegant wall of sounds. We are not talking about big distortion or punchy drums; instead, it’s all about space, with guitars drenched in long reverbs and a tapestry of textures underlining them. SWiiMS seems to be at a topical moment in their career, with ‘Into The Blue Night’ now released into the world. 

The group’s debut album, ‘Into The Blue Night’ is as good as you would expect it. Taking cues from vintage Britpop, indie-rock and classic shoegaze stylings, the band pens a record that feels familiar yet very fresh, positively scrambling the contemporary scene. Mai Diaz Langou’s evocative vocals are one of the highlights of the album, together with the constant streams of guitar eclecticism. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, she explains: “It’s about how you try to make yourself more intriguing or impressive than you are in order to keep that person interested.” 

Recommended! Discover ‘Into The Blue Night’ on Spotify and the music video for ‘In Puzzles’ on YouTube: 


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