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Squidge Return with Expressive Rock Jewel ‘Sad Sack’

A melancholic and nuanced rock anthem, ‘Sad Sack’ delivers a fierce slice of alternative energy, hitting the listeners with punchy distortion and evocative walls of sounds. That’s what we love most about the record; it’s extremely expressive, almost embracing a veiled emo character. Sure, it’s an immensely dynamic gem, but it’s paved with relatability too. Penned by British outfit Squidge, the track represents their returns to the music scene, after last year’s double single ‘Gobby/John’. 

It’s a glorious effort! Active since 2017, Squidge have certainly a lot to give to the English alt-rock scene, and it appears that we are not the only ones to have noticed so far – notable features include BBC Radio 1 and Alix Holcombe.

Described by Squidge as a product of 2020, ‘Sad Sack’ also explores themes of “imposter syndrome, aimlessness and frustration”, as the group explains. Honestly, it’s a good record, one that showcases Squidge’s enlightened artistry. They might have been away for a while, but their musical flair is stronger than ever. 

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