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Grant Brown Shares Relatable Pop Gem ‘Low’

A wholesome and meaningful gem, ‘Low’ benefits from the elegant and evocative vocals of Grant Brown, malleable and rather intense. The result is a slice of relatable and contemporary pop with light country flavourings, not a surprise given Brown’s artistic background. Based in Nashville, the talented newcomer has previously mesmerized a small but loyal audience with an acoustic EP, a record where we can observe his guitar prowess and immense vocal abilities. 

Written by fellow talent Sierra Annie and produced by Jacob Frish, the song finds its sonic identity in a charming blend of mellow electronic pop and country-pop stylings, allowing Grant to stay in touch with his roots while amplifying the reach of his sound. We are confident the record will connect with a large audience, potentially allowing the American creative to take the next step in his career. 

If you ask us, Brown’s most considerable strength is represented by his vocals. With such a luscious and near-perfect tone, it’s hard not to imagine the project rising into higher territories. His ability to embody the lyrical material with fragility and authenticity is the spark that lights the record ablaze, allowing it to shine from its own light.

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