Sven Ross Shares Poignant EP ‘now that i’m with you’

For the past few months, Dutch songster Sven Ross has been releasing a series of carefully crafted singles, often built on poignant tones and evocative vocals. It was pretty obvious how they were all leaning towards a more coherent picture, as if the songs shared the same overall story. 

Now, Ross answers our doubts, delivering the final EP ‘now that i’m with you’. In it, the listeners will explore the challenges of a young relationship, so well described by Sven. Don’t worry, there are no break-ups on the horizon: simply, an honest reflection on modern love and societal pressures, so well embodied by the Amsterdam creative through a series of nostalgic, mellow and emotional pieces. 

Sonically, we are in pop and folk territories, all drenched in contemporary flair and sparse drops of electronica. Crowning it all, Ross’ vocals are absolutely majestic, charming listeners with a luscious and soothing tone. 

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