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Sonic Explorer Marlon Bianco Shares Cosmic Piece ‘Planet Coronet’

If you are listening to music for a chance to escape everyday life, then you are in luck. Emerging from London, a solitary musical hero navigates eclectic and exciting artistic territories, creating material that’s drenched in tradition while looking at the future. This hero takes the name of Marlon Bianco, a talented creative and producer pursuing funk, jazz and electronica from a very unique perspective. The project ends up being almost cosmic, sharing instrumental pieces so ethereal and evocative to transport the listeners into an alternative universe, an exuberant and comforting place where Bianco is judge, jury and executioner. 

‘Planet Coronet’ is the strongest evidence of that, being Bianco’s latest effort. In fact, the keen reader will already be familiar with the London-based talent, having appeared on our pages not long ago. Describing her previous single ‘We Once Knew’, we proudly declared: “A definite step up, the song elevates Bianco’s sonic imprint and reaches new levels of liquid goodness.”

On ‘Planet Coronet’, Marlon seems set on that specific direction, championing records that feel timeless, while staying very relevant. Describing the lyricism – or storytelling through visual imagery, in this case – Bianco explains: “It’s an instrumental space rock piece. It describes the last memories of an astronaut lost in space as his ship approaches a black hole.” This ‘space’ metaphor is very fitting for a track that aims to elevate the state of mind of its listeners. Hopefully, you’ll find ‘Planet Coronet’ as compelling as we did, a ray of sunshine in an otherwise grey and standardised industry. 

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