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SUSAN Shares Charming Rock Banger ‘How Long’

‘How Long’ is a rather curious offering. Taking cues from other acclaimed British acts, such as Yard Acts, the track champions fuzzy spoken words and gritty guitar riffs, a trend that’s been on the rise lately, and frankly, it totally works. Such friendly and accessible lyricism makes for a catchy and relatable record, a slice of musical force that hits the listeners directly in the guts, causing an immediate reaction. You’ll love it or hate it, but it won’t go down unnoticed. 

Blending blues-rock references (The Black Keys come to mind) with contemporary indie stylings, SUSAN deliver material that’s intense and contemporary, the perfect match for our chaotic and complex times. Lyrically too, with ‘Long Talks’ diving into the moral boundaries we all tend to break from time to time. 

As the British group explains: “It’s an emotional, honest rant about the pitfalls of compromising on all of your beliefs and values for a cheap short-term comfort, which should ring true as a worry for most of us.”

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