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Jersey Calling Shares Punk Rock Album ‘Parasocial Security’

‘Parasocial Security’ is a rather straightforward album. Leaving complex formulas and futile brain gymnastics behind, the record jumps straight into punchy and fierce punk rock. Relatable and accessible, ‘Parasocial Security’ reminds us of golden era Green Day, although Jersey Calling’s charming double vocals (male/female) also give us a whiff of No Doubt. Gwen Stefany would be proud of tracks such as ‘Twisted Paradigm’, quite eclectic and groovy in their sonic identity. 

Hailing from New Jersey, Jersey Calling also showcase their instrumental and songwriting prowess, infusing their album with near-perfect performances and hit-ready material. You see, that’s the thing with them: it is not just smoke, but also substance. The production is really good, and the way the record sounds makes us take the band very seriously. 

Reuniting in 2020, the American punk outfit has quite a long past behind them, having released two albums prior to 2005. Perhaps the recent punk-rock resurgence helped them find their way back. Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, Jersey Calling explain: “It explores themes of isolation and loss, while simultaneously finding solace in the personal relationships we’ve found in each other and our friends and family.”

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