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Amanda Brecker Returns With Eclectic Album ‘Dreams’

When you are the daughter of a music legend, the artistic pressure might at times feel unbearable. In the case of Amanda Brecker, such pressure is entirely met, with the talented New York songstress showcasing her exquisite taste for modern pop and rock stylings, together with an immensely relatable songwriting prowess. The daughter of seminal trumpeter Randy Brecker, Amanda is now unveiling her latest effort, ‘Dreams’ a charming album that reiterates her artistic stature. 

Born out of a collaboration with producer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Jakubovic, ‘Dreams’ is an inclusive record, jumping from poignant pop ballads, such as ‘Morning Kiss’, to anthemic anthems – ‘Let Me Go’ – and more distorted and punchy rock offerings, such as ‘Man Of My Dreams’ and ‘Wrong Again’. Brecker has her malleability as a primary strength; a talented vocalist and instrumentalist, the American songstress puts her musical virtuosity on display. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, she explains: “Each track on the album delves into the intricacies and complexities of love, covering the spectrum from the highs of euphoric love to the lows of unrequited affection.”

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