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Suki Bedeaux Shares Fierce Gem ‘All Summer’

Penned by British riser Suki Bedeaux, ‘All Summer’ is one of the freshest tracks we have heard lately. Built on a bed of icy DnB beats, luscious RnB and pop melodies, the record is the perfect outlet for the tail end of summer, delivering that very same sense of melancholia and nostalgia that seems to inhabit everybody at this time of the year. 

Echoing the likes of PinkPantheress, among others, Bedeaux mirrors her artistry with the same eclecticism found in her South London home: a blend of cultures and experiences that work wonders in making ‘All Summer’ such a relatable and universal offering. 

Championed by the likes of NME Magazine, it is clear that Suki Bedeaux is not only a promise for the future, but also a pillar of her local musical scene, something that gets amplified by her activities as a DJ and event promoter. 

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