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Clara Pople Creates Pure Musical Bliss on ‘Last Dance’

Clara Pople is a seriously intriguing and innovative artist. Based in London, the singer/songwriter’s most recent single is a tune called ‘Last Dance’, and it’s a cinematic and ethereal wonder. In crafting the track, Clara orchestrated an entire choir, composed deep bass lines and intricate syncopated beatboxing patterns, and expertly layered six-part harmonies – all using just her voice! Through adept manipulation and creative experimentation with classic sounds and styles, spanning genres from trip-hop to gospel, the musician has concocted a laidback and atmospheric song that embodies pure musical bliss!

As for the underlying meaning behind ‘Last Dance’, Clara says the tune is about the intense yearning to be near those you hold dear. “It’s about that moment when there’s a possibility that this person could be about to slip away from you,” she says. “The sheer panic that overcomes you and the overwhelming feeling of needing them to stay”.

The track is Pople’s third release to date and will form part of her upcoming debut EP set for release early next month. It’s an EP that I’m really excited about hearing. I’m convinced that Clara is on to something sonically quite special, and I can’t wait to join her on the journey!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Last Dance’ on Spotify now:


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