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AJAYE Unveils Evocative Live Rendition of ‘Growing Up’

We consider ‘Growing Up’ to be a gift. A musical offering granted by AJAYE, making the world a better place with her soothing folk stylings and introspective storytelling. Based in Nashville, the award-winning talent is gearing up for the release of an EP, ‘Silverline’, doing so by unveiling a charming live performance video of ‘Growing Up’, a song that feels as enlightening as it is emotional. 

Featuring AJAYE herself on guitar and vocals, plus a steel guitar player, the video is one of the more striking evidence of the Canadian songstress’ solemn artistry, allowing us to have a peek into a magical and delicate moment: AJAYE singing her heart out, connecting to the audience on a deeper level. 

Her vocal tone is evocative, intense, yet familiar and controlled. The first of seven songs to be released as live performances, ‘Growing Up’ “offers a reminder to be kind to oneself through every season of growth because we never stop learning about what it means to be ourselves”, as AJAYE explains. 

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