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Sukh Reflects on Long-Term Relationships with Charming New Single ‘Faith’

There’s a good chance that you may already be familiar with the Manchester-based singer/songwriter and doctor Sukh. Eleven years ago, he released his debut EP titled ‘Kings’, and the record received critical acclaim from music lovers and critics alike. Racking up millions of streams online, his genuine and heartfelt music has touched the hearts of listeners around the world.

‘Faith’ is Sukh’s brand new single and it sees the artist continue on his introspective and hopeful musical journey. A song born when reflecting on the nature of long-term relationships, the rich and emotional piece embodies the very essence of Sukh’s artistry; optimistic, contemplative, and evocative.

The tune will form part of Sukh’s upcoming album ‘Heading East’, a record that, like ‘Faith’, focuses on the complexities of enduring romantic partnerships. “When you’re young, you dream of what could be, when you get older, it’s easy to think about what could have been,” says the musician. “But really somewhere in between you try and figure out what a good relationship actually is”.

A true artist in every sense of the word, we look forward to hearing ‘Heading East’ in its entirety –  and patiently wait for Sukh to unveil more of his charming new music.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Faith’ on Spotify now:


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