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Ela Ozturk Faces Her Inner Demons in ‘SHADOW & LIGHT’

Built on a modern House-powered production, ‘SHADOW & LIGHT’ works wonders in showcasing Ela Ozturk’s poppier side, taking a break from her usual R&B stylings so common in her wider catalogue. Teaming up with UK-based producer and DJ Sam Day and LA Grooves’ CEO Thiago Monteiro, the Turkish-American songstress jumps into fierce and punchy territories, a surprising setting for her evocative, cathartic vocals, quite deep and malleable. 

Not purely a club number, ‘SHADOW & LIGHT’ is introduced by a rather stripped-back section, with Ozturk embarking on honest, personal lyricism among a sea of textures and nuanced soundscapes. It’s not long till Sam Day’s mesmerizing beats take over the record, creating an electrifying atmosphere that’s a joy on the ears and soothing on the soul. 

Delving on the inspiration behind the song, Ela explains: “It is a song that I hope resonates with anyone who has dealt with their own inner demons. I want listeners to know that they can overcome their own battles and mental health struggles. I want them to feel empowered by the lyrics in the song, and ultimately not alone.”

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