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Subterranean Street Society Unveil Latest Gem ‘God Couldn’t Save The Queen’

Quite a mesmerising offering, ‘God Couldn’t Save The Queen’ builds its charming character on gooey and fuzzy rock-folk matter, sharing a certain amount of sleaziness in the process. Guitars feel repetitive, yet effective, leaving ample space for Subterranean Street Society’s powerful and frankly irresistible vocals, taking center stage with confident lyricism and perfect delivery. 

What the song is themed around, that’s something you can probably guess. In honour of the one-year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death, Subterranean Street Society seek to shine a light on the hypocrisies surrounding the support of the monarchy among the lower classes of society, which are most affected by the inequality driven by the monarchy itself. As they explain: “The lyrics tell a story about being born into privilege and the absurdity that comes with worshipping a vanished colonial superpower. Why do we still cling so tenaciously to this?”

An ever-relevant topic, showcasing how the group is very attentive to what’s happening in the world and in societies. As a Danish-Dutch trio, Subterranean Street Society seem to have found a working artistic formula; looking forward to hearing more. 

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