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Sigh Twombly Shares Eclectic Jewel ‘On The Loose’

Sigh Twombly could be best described as a time traveller. No, he does not have a machine for it, rather, he has the right artistic sensibility. Borrowing sonic fragments and individual stylings from each decade, the American musician builds a personal formula that feels familiar, yet entirely eclectic, while drenched in tradition. Take for instance ‘On The Loose’, the project’s latest effort: from 60s-powered guitar jangling to solemn 80s new wave riffing, passing through the elegant pop melodies of the 70s: Twombly really manages to pack it all together into something extremely alluring and unexpected. 

The cherries on the cake are represented by the vocals, delivered with charisma and sleaziness by Lukas Alexander, the creative behind the Sigh Twombly moniker. Based in Los Angeles, he’s fully thriving in a musical direction that’s shifting constantly, yet remaining faithful to the same introspective, personal lyricism.

Describing the meaning behind ‘On The Loose’, Alexander explains: “a wistful release, depicting the push and pull of an uneven relationship. It’s a wish-you-well and a good-riddance wrapped into one. Yet somehow in this context, it doesn’t come across as cynical, but appreciative. An ultimate granting of freedom from one to another, and an admiration for what is, has been, and will be.”

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