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Sarya Returns with Kaleidoscopic Pop Banger ‘Only Girl’

With its fashionable hyper-pop and contemporary stylings, ‘Only Girl’ is a rather hypnotising record, wrapping the listeners into a layer of bouncy and kaleidoscopic electronic beats and icy, vocoder-powered vocals. A truly modern offering, the track shines in both its sonic and lyrical side. Penned by Taiwanese-American creative Sarya, the record delves into its author’s fierceness, as they reclaim their “self-confidence, tackling themes of internalised homophobia”

The result is an empowering banger that we are confident will resonate with a wide audience out there, especially in the queer community. Sarya showcases the ability to delve into artistic territory that fully fits their times, channelling personal experience and a certain degree of introspection. The relationship with the outside world is also a big turning point, making ‘Only Girl’ a charming peek into Sarya’s everyday struggles. 

A collaboration with Edinburgh-based producer Robin Brill aka. Bird fish, the single is part of a series of three releases. Describing it, Sarya declares it as “bitter revenge bubblegum pop”.

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