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Stone Cold Sweethearts Share Electrifying Gem ‘Blow Your Mind’

Sometimes a band needs a narrative, a quirky feature or an interesting origin story. In the case of Stone Cold Sweethearts, that’s not needed. Their music speaks for itself: a fierce, electrifying and catchy brand of sleazy indie rock and Britpop nostalgia carries them at the forefront of the industry, with tons of people already taking notice of it. We do too: ‘Blow Your Mind’ – the group’s latest effort – is as good as they come. 

An all-out, anthemic yet nuanced gem, the track builds its unforgettable character on a stream of fuzzy, chaotic guitars, perfectly fitting the galloping drum groove and the band’s collaborative vocals, delivered with a charming Lincoln accent by Aidan and Joe. Sammy completes the talented lineup on percussive duties. 

Stone Cold Sweethearts boast big potential, and we have no doubt we’ll see them on important stages pretty soon. Championed by BBC Introducing, among others, the British rockers are on their way up. Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Blow Your Mind’, they explain: “The song is about the peer pressure around doing things you shouldn’t be doing with your mates on a session!”

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